Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CARAVAN OMAN - Trip preparations!

SO the last few years have been busy!  Moving countries... Completing a degree in psychology and another in family studies... Working on slowly selling jewellery again... Adding crochet rugs, soaps, body products, candles and other items to my list of items to sell!!

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But I have finally decided to return to blogging!  ESPECIALLY with our upcoming CARAVAN trip through OMAN!  And NO not camel caravan - tow your own caravan!  Caravans are only just starting to appear in Oman!  And what better way to spend a couple of weeks travelling around and not having to worry about packing and unpacking all our camping gear every time!

SO our Christmas holiday adventure has us all excited!!  It certainly will be an adventure as we work out the logistics of towing a caravan through a country that has no facilities for caravans!  Luckily we know the place very well and have some ideas about where we can go!

Stay TUNED to find out about our preparations!

Some of the items I have been making!  ALL HANDMADE!

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