Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CARAVAN OMAN - Car Preparations 2

Towbar done!  Ended up finding a place in Sharjah Industrial Estate last Sat.  Went tonight and it was a quick 30-40 mins to fit it on and done!  No appointment or waiting around forever needed!  AND very happy with the results, particularly as it cost 800dhs!  However that included fitting and bumper and we would have paid a lot more in Dubai or even at home in Aus!

Next is to get the electronic connection fitted.

And I am slowly making a pile of stuff to take with us.  My list keeps growing!  Not as big as our usual camping list but still big enough.  Plus I will need way more for 2 weeks!  We are lucky as we know where we can get food when in Oman.

AND some good news we found out that the caravan company provides a generator!  So our electricity problems are solved!

Any tips from bush caravaners/off-grid caravaners?

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