Sunday, December 11, 2016

CARAVAN OMAN - Car preparations 1

So we have a 4wd to tow a caravan - BUT we don't have a towbar or plug for electronics (lights for caravan).  The fun part now is getting it sorted in a week!!  Not the easiest thing to do in a country where caravans are only just beginning to appear!  Luckily there is a caravan store in Dubai that have the electronic parts we need!  The also have the tow ball, but not the part to connect to the car!

So that means a hunt through the jungle of shops in Sharjah industrial area!  NOT my idea of fun!  If you have ever ventured through the dust, dirt and rubbish (oh and sometimes mud/water) of the industrial estates you will know exactly why!  Not forgetting the curious (or maybe not so curious) stares from the masses of foreign worker men!  There is street after street of shops for miles, mostly grouped by similar products.  For example shop after shop of tyres or car parts or plumbing shops!  Grubby, grimy floors and walls are typical, with rubbish strewn streets, broken cement steps and grimy signs that often give no indication of what is for sale.  Once in awhile a new bright spotless store appears, with its shiny metal car parts and white interiors (while outside still appears like it was built 20 years ago), giving the illusion however that prices will be higher!  But maybe better quality lies within!

So here is hoping finding it will be easier than we think!

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