Monday, February 6, 2012

Cuddly Pillow Case and Other Things

Well I have been fairly productive lately and have a few things finished!  Have made some bibs, a baby sling, another knitted baby cocoon and hat, sheets for the both boy's beds, a pillowcase for my oldest, a breastfeeding pillow - BUT most of them I can't share with you yet - the colour is the issue!!  Well I don't want to give away what we are having - boy or girl!!  So those will just have to wait!

OH and big plus is that I now have an overlocker and sewing is soo much easier and faster!!  How have I survived all these years without one!  Thanks SPOTLIGHT for finally having a sale (Spotlight is an Australian Craft, Fabric and Home Interior Chain Store) - it happens to be the only place that I know of in Singapore that has a huge range of sewing supplies etc.  I love Spotlight in Australia too!  But Spotlight in Singapore frustrates me to no end - there has not been once that we have shopped there without an issue (and we have shopped there a lot).  From being overcharged, to not putting all our products in our bag, to always not having something from a catalogue sale in stock, to being understaffed and the list goes on.  Whenever we walk in there the place is a mess!  BUT I would not survive here in Singapore without this store!!  Although I really do think my husband is sick of the place - having to go there on errands and find odd things for me that he has no clue about!

My Janome MyLock 644D!

Here is the pillow I made for my oldest son!  It's very easy to make!  There are lots of tutorials online of how to make a pillow - but I just made this my own way.

Here is the breastfeeding cushion I made.  I made an insert and stuffed it with wadding and then made a washable cover to go over the top with a zipper!
This is where I got the idea from -

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  1. Hello, your feeding pillow is FAB! much nicer/neater than the one in the link (which I was going to make mine from) how did you get your inner curve so smooth? :)