Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Australian Identity and a Bed Rest Update

Ok so I have been watching A LOT of tv! Don't have much else to do and it goes on mainly so I don't have to sit in silence the entire day. Here in Singapore we get the Australian Network. While it is mostly boring - there are at times programs that I don't mind watching. Today after one of these shows there was a short segment on Australian Identity and Culture.

It really did make me think.

Do Australian's have an identity or did we ever have one in the first place?
Are we culturally confused?

I do wonder how much this pertains to me, to my children! Having not lived in Australia for the past 8 years (my children have never lived in Aus) it really does make me question my "Australian" identity and culture!

The "experts" on this program discussed the fact that Australia is possibly the luckiest country in the world and yet there is this air of confusion and depression. Are Australians really as "happy" as what they appear to the rest of the world. Are we culturally confused due to our history, immigration, other????

A few thoughts continue to flow through my head and I do question what it means to be Australian?


On the other hand I have now been in bed for 7.5 weeks and the last has been really tough. With so many weeks still to go boredom has really set in and I stress! I stress about going to the Dr and being told I will have to go to hospital. I stress about stressing - that the stress is not good for me or the baby - ridiculous I know but you try lying in a bed 24/7. I stress when I am in pain. I cry over everything (must be hormones) but things that I would never get emotional about - I get emotional about - even happy things on tv. I get angry about everything too! Seems to be that every emotion is 10 fold.

In my last pregnancy by the time I got to 8 weeks in bed I was allowed to go home from the hospital and spend the rest of the time in bed and I was past the danger stage. So emotionally it didn't bother me so much. However this time I am only just entering the "danger" stage now and still not even half way through my bed rest!!!

ON a positive note I have been knitting a baby blanket and I am getting closer to finishing it. Will post pics when I have finished.

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