Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well it seems that Santa is nowhere to be seen in Singapore?! AGAIN in 2011!

Last year our boys were very dissapointed after we turned up 20mins after Santa had left (on Christmas Eve - the last day)! THAT was after an all afternoon chase around Orchard and its many malls to try and find 1 Santa for our kids. Everywhere we went staff in shops looked at us like we were crazy!

This year seems to be just the same - have tried looking up the same mall again online and there is no mention at all of Santa. That goes for nearly all the other malls I can think of as well. NOTHING!

NO blog posts or any mention online that I can find of where you might actually SEE Santa here in Singapore. We have 2 days - AND because I am still in bed it is even harder!

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