Monday, January 9, 2012


I love to browse through and came across this great recipe for hand made liquid soap or body wash.  Well yesterday with hubby and kids help (I'm only allowed out of bed for short amounts of time), we made the recipe.  Then all I had to do today was give it a quick blend up with a hand blender and pour into empty dispensers that we already had!

Here is the recipe I based ours on -

Here is the way I did it
2 bars of dettol soap (grated using a hand grater)
2 tablespoons of glycerine
1 US gallon (3.78 Litres) of water

Add the soap and glycerine to a big pot on the stove and heat up until melted.  You don't need to boil.
I then left it for a day (although you only need to leave it for 10-12 hours).
Then used a hand mixer to blend it all up and poured it into containers.

There seems to be a little bit of controversy online over the "shelf life" of this type of soap - however I think if you store it correctly and use it within a few weeks there should not be any problem!

BIGGEST BONUS - is this is soo easy to make and it only cost a couple of dollars - great when you have two small boys who think there is an endless supply of liquid soap in the bottles!  Next time I think I will only make half a batch as it does make up a huge amount!

You can use any type of soap - although you may need to experiment with consistency and amount of water added!

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