Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adorable Amigurumi - Dragonfly

When I first started bedrest more than 12 weeks ago I said that if I took up knitting I was definitely crazy.  I love all things craft but could just never bring myself to keep going with any knitting!

Well it's happened - I MUST BE CRAZY!  I have taken up knitting and finished a number of items and NOW I have started on my first crotchet project (a dragonfly), thanks to my husband who bought me Voodoo Maggie's Adorable Amigurumi Book for Christmas.  I will say I wasn't that impressed at the beginning when I faced the prospect of learning how to Crotchet.  AND I spent more than a day crocheting and undoing my work, starting over and over again!

However I have now progressed and I am actually starting to see something start to take shape!  The animals are just too cute to resist and the dragonfly will make a great babby rattle!  Next on my list will be the cute little monkey!

The book features easy to follow instructions (and they must be easy if I can pick up the book and learn how to crotchet in a day!) along with bright, vibrant, easy to see pictures of steps involved.

Here is the NEW book by Voodoo Maggie

You can also read her blog here:-

Or find her patterns here:-

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